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How To Have A Budget Wedding

             how to have budget wedding

Today I’m going to tell you how to properly wrap your wedding while staying in the best price.So some steps here that you have to follow.

1.Make A List of Relatives

First of all you have to sit back and have to make a list of your all relatives so that you can arrange all things like food, space , facilities etc.It is also works when you will go for print Wedding invitation card.By doing this you will know your helpful guests.

2.Budget Shopping For Wedding

You must do shopping for marriage according to your budget.You should buy things according to the needs of your family.Anything that comes in marriage should be paid.


3.Don’t Waste Time,Money,Food in Wedding 

4.Find A Wedding Planner

5.Choose Your Own Style Rings 

6. Spend Money in Limit 

7.Make the Wedding Affordable 


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